Focus area 1: Prevention of pneumococcal disease.

1. We are in discussion with PATH for the safety and immunogenicity evaluation of a new, low-cost, 10-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.

2. The effect of childhood PCV immunization on the epidemiology of childhood meningitis is being explored through a time-series study.


Focus area 2: Novel diagnostics in understanding the pathogenesis and changing epidemiology of respiratory tract infections.

1. A project on the clinical and molecular epidemiology of rhinovirus will be initiated in 2014 as part of a PhD project. This projects stems from the PERCH project which was completed in 2013.

Focus area 3: Group B streptococcus (GBS) epidemiology, immunology and vaccines.

1. A grant funded study, targeting enrolment of 35 000 mother-newborn pairs will be initiated in 2014. This study will aim at determining correlates of protection against invasive GBS disease in young infants.

2. A further expansion of the GBS program, will involve delineating the role of GBS in causing still-births, as well as its association to severe birth asphyxia.

Focus area 4: Rotavirus vaccine and diarrheal disease.

1. A new sub-unit rotavirus vaccine will be evaluated for safety and immunogenicity.

New focus areas:

Focus area 5: Prevention of RSV and pertussis illness in young infants.

1. The new cohort study in mentioned above (35 000 mother -newborn pairs) will also be used to establish correlates of protection against hospitalization for RSV disease, as well as determine the effect of maternal HIV exposure on burden of RSV hospitalization in HIV-uninfected children.

2. An epidemiological study will be initiated in 2014, to establish the overall burden of RSV disease, irrespective of severity. This will assist in determining future costing models for RSV vaccines.

3. Expanding on the backbone of the studies undertaken in the evaluation of influenza vaccination of pregnant women, we will now also look at establishing the role of pertussis and RSV in respiratory illness in the mothers and among young infants.

4. Also, the studies on maternal influenza vaccination, have led to successfully procuring a grant from the Gates Foundation, in which the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of pertussis vaccination of pregnant women will be evaluated.

Focus Areas


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